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Breakfast at Nestledown

A fresh cooked breakfast is included with each nights stay. As a special treat we also provide an evening snack. The goal of our morning meal is to offer tasty, simply prepared dishes using recipes and ideas from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and America. We serve a main dish, bacon or sausage and fruits and juices. Breakfast is tailored to our guests and we adjust for specific diets, schedules and tastes.

Coffee is made early (a bold Columbian) and can be found in the pump pots on our self serve coffee bar at 7am. We have a hot water pot for tea or hot chocolate any time of day. We make home baked cookies, cakes and breads for the evening snack and mix that up with chips, Whirlypop pop corn, nuts and chocolate.

Nestledown’s Favorites

  • Finnish Oven Pancake with berries (Pannukkaku)
    Scandinavian Spread
    • Toasted bread, rye crisp, fruit, egg butter, ham, cheeses, cucumber, tomato
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Egg in a Basket with lingonberry jam
  • Steel Cut oats with toppings and muffins
  • Sausage and egg strata
  • Garden Egg Casserole
  • Ebelskivers (Danish round pancakes filled with fruit or jam)
  • Norwegian Baked Cheese Omelet
  • Pulla or Nisu (Finnish cardamon coffee braid)
  • Scandinavian Almond Cake
  • Apple Pie
  • Apple Cake
  • Cranberry Scones
  • Cranberry cake
  • Cookies
    • Snickerdoodles
    • Gingersnaps
    • Chocolate Chip

Breakfast is served at 8:30 on the buffet in the dining room. We have a table for two, a table for three and a larger table for 8 or more. The conversations are good here when all together, but sometimes it is nice to be on your own. Enjoy breakfast where you would like as each guest has a day planned and needs to be in charge of it.

You will find snacks out on the dining buffet at ~7:30pm. Feel free to take this to your room or enjoy being in the living room by the fire. Lots of space to roam at Nestledown and it is fun to meet others here. In the warm months the outside terrace and yard will be spots to gather and relax.

Nestledown is a Bed and Breakfast and we want our guests to experience something different, not ordinary with both. There is a Scandinavian flavor here and it will make your travel away from home a sweet adventure.
Nestledown Bed & Breakfast
Nestledown Bed & Breakfast
Nestledown Bed & Breakfast

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