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The Sauna  

(pronounced sow-na)

The lower level of Nestledown features the sauna area. It is a private space and has a center anteroom, two shower/changing rooms, a restroom, and of course, the sauna itself. The guest lounge outside of the sauna area is a perfect place to wait for your turn or sit and visit after. We have a table for games, a large-screen TV, and books about this unique way to be steam-cleaned and achieve maximum relaxation. Learn about this unique bathing tradition from Finland.

Enjoy the steam of our sauna and be refreshed by its healing warmth. The air feels so good on your skin and it promotes a deep and restful sleep. Lake Superior rocks are heated by an Ilo brand electric sauna stove and is set at a temperature of 150℉. There are towels for sitting on the sauna benches and to wrap yourself in. A wooden bucket and ladle allows you to sprinkle the hot rocks with water to create more steam. It will warm you to the bone, especially after a wintertime outing!

The shower rooms are there to cool you down and get clean. During the summer, you can walk across Lakeshore Boulevard and jump into Lake Superior. It is just 175 steps from our front door to one of the most refreshing dips you’ll ever take! Many have taken a roll in the snow to cool down, which is possible here, too. I suppose one would need a swimsuit for these outdoor ideas. The Sauna is a private space here at Nestledown which works for our American modesty.

While you are here, plan to have a sauna. It takes 45 minutes for us to warm up the sauna room, so please give us advance notice if you plan to experience this centuries old Finnish tradition. Refer to our Policies page for sauna safety precautions.

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