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Nestledown is a Unique Construction

Old-world materials and today’s technology mix and meet at Nestledown. Exterior walls are 12 inches thick and the red paint on the rough sawn cedar is homemade. We waxed the hardwood floors and isolated the noise travel between rooms. High-tech heating and cooling systems with individual room thermostats, Wi-Fi routers with private passwords, and Smart TVs in every room with plenty of bandwidth to stream from your own accounts. It is worth a visit just to experience our brand-new construction steeped in Scandinavian tradition.

ICF Concrete Forms by BuildBlock
The insulated concrete forms connect together like Legos (for the most part) and with re-rod tied reinforcing, load engineering, they then are filled with concrete. The floor systems are framed as you go up and tied into the ICF walls. This becomes the deck for the second level as the exterior walls were constructed.

Sound Isolation
We attacked the issue of noise on several fronts. First, there is the 12-inch thick exterior walls, double layered 5/8-inch sheetrock, with a layer of Green Glue between the layers on all common walls and ceilings. Next are staggered studs and metal hat channel from which to hang the drywall ceilings and room doors with exterior thresholds. Finally, solid, strong doors work in unison to provide a quiet hush in every room. If it were not for the many windows that we installed, it would be difficult to hear noise from outside. Ambient noise between rooms is exceptionally minimal.

Scandinavian Red Paint
The first thing you notice at Nestledown is its brilliant red exterior. This special paint is the basic recipe used for centuries in all of the Nordic countries. Ken mixed the ingredients and applied it, matching the Falun Red from Sweden. It is a mixture of organic boiled linseed oil, water, flour, red iron oxide (from the earth), and an anti-fungal agent. The ingredients are boiled and then brushed firmly into the rough side of the cedar. It doesn’t simply coat the surface; it penetrates and moisturizes the wood. This Old-world paint contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which is a refreshing change. Additionally, this blend doesn’t peel or require further coats every 10-15 years. Instead, just a brush of linseed oil is all that is required. The color is a cool red that has proven quite stunning against the backdrop of our yard and the horizon. White trim sets it off perfectly and looks crisp with the Scandinavian theme.

Hardwood Floors
Continuing with the Old-world theme, we designed our hardwood floors the way our ancestors did. We used 8-inch solid oak tongue-and-groove with the rustic appeal of knots and dings. The floors were sanded, followed by an application of linseed oil wax by hand. The oil goes on like shoe polish. You work it into the wood, push it into the grain, buff it, and let the floor sit for several days. Like the exterior paint recipe, the wax is free of VOCs. The floor has a matte finish and a satiny feel to bare feet. Touch-up is easy; just buff in the wax again to treat any scratch or mark. Our floors are easy to maintain by occasionally mopping with linseed oil soap.

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